Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hall of pics x

Ok, so I said that I was going to post pictures of what I got up to the week or over the past day or so. Well I have done a small collage to see if you like my idea, if you do please comment to say that you do!


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Last day of school

So on my last day of school it was really quite emotional and since I was in yr.6 moving on up into high school, some of my close friends were moving to other high schools :( Here are a few pictures of my last day.


summer outfits of 2013

Hiya guys,

So I bet everyone wants to know what is in this summer to be honest I'm not entirely sure but here are some outfits of 2013 that give you and me some ideas.

5 Things I want to do in life
  1. Graduate from university and have a degree in law
  2. Become a cycling coach for Olympic champions
  3. Become a mum
  4. Get married
  5. Live the best life I possibly can!


Over the next couple weeks I am going to post a what I like to call 'Hall of pics' ranging from scenery to furniture. Here is just a quick idea of what will be in my 'Hall of pics'

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Daiseys in my hair x


Vintage pics x

Dip-dying tips

Hiya guys,
So the other day I dip-dyed my hair pink! It looks ace! So I thought I would give you some tips on how to do it.
  • Wash your hair on the day you want to dip-dye it
  • Then make sure it is completely dry before applying the dye
  • Wear some old clothes and use an old towel
  • Then get a strand of hair and put some dye on a dying brush or a toothbrush
  • Next brush the dye onto the hair and put a piece of tinfoil behind the strand of hair, close it over and leave it
  • Repeat this on all of the hair until it is done!
  • Leave it for an hour and when you have take off the tinfoil and rinse your hair under the tap until most of the dye has gone and leave it to towel dry
  • Don't use and heat products until 12 hours after applying the dye 


Monday, 29 July 2013

About Me...

Hiya guys ,
My name is Beena Barnes and I love all things to do with music and vintage things! On my blog there will be things like tips,articals and much more!
Miss BeccaBeauty! and Me